Chimpy is the most complete MailChimp WordPress Plugin. Enjoy features like content locking and user synchronization or simply display a signup form.

The Last MailChimp WordPress Plugin You’ll Ever Need

This WordPress plugin allows you to create multiple signup forms and display them with ease. Your visitors will be more likely to fill in the form when it features a professional design and works smoothly. Wish to increase a signup rate? Try displaying a signup popup or locking the most appealing content so only subscribers can access it.

Yet it’s not just forms. Chimpy integrates your WordPress website with MailChimp in a number of other ways. You can set this plugin to synchronize all WordPress users with MailChimp. Whenever user is created, updated or deleted – this will reflect on the MailChimp list of your choice. Want to give your users full control whether they are subscribed or not? Why not – you can start displaying an opt-in checkbox on registration and comment forms with a click of a button.

It would take five other plugins to replace functionality offered by Chimpy. If you care about email marketing, this plugin will pay off very soon.

WordPress MailChimp Integration

  • Enter your MailChimp API key and you are ready to go
  • Plugin displays integration status so you know things are working
  • Control MailChimp settings, e.g. whether welcome email is sent
  • MailChimp fields (merge tags) automatically imported for use in form

Signup Forms

  • Create multiple signup forms, all with different settings and fields
  • Control which form appears on which part of the website
  • Allow users to select interest groups or add them automatically
  • Display options include widget, shortcode, PHP function and others
  • Forms are responsive, feature Javascript validation and Ajax submit

Popup Form

  • Display eye-catching popup on pages of your choice
  • Control frequency for better user experience
  • Allow visitors to dismiss the popup forever
  • Set popup open delay in seconds

Subscribe To Unlock

  • Require visitors to subscribe before they can access posts
  • Set your own title and message to guide visitors through the process
  • Plugin tracks which users have subscribed by setting a cookie
  • Perfect way to reward visitors for joining your mailing list

Opt-in Checkbox

  • Add signup checkbox to WordPress registration and comment forms
  • No technical knowledge required, just select desired forms
  • Set custom label and default checkbox state
  • Possible to send email, first and last names, username and user role

WordPress User Sync

  • Synchronize your WordPress users with MailChimp list of your choice
  • Plugin allows you to select which user roles should be synced
  • Grabs email address, first and last names, username and user role
  • Handles new user data, profile updates and user removal

Customizable Yet Easy To Use

  • Set your date format for date and birthday fields
  • Translation ready – .pot file included for convenient translation
  • Edit any user facing label directly from the settings page
  • Easy to use – tips provided for each field on settings page

What Users Say


Version 2.1.3, August 18 2014
[*] Minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.2, August 14 2014
[*] Reverting back to CSS resizing of the popup due instable JS method
[*] Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.1, April 1 2014
[*] Minor bug fix

Version 2.1, March 13 2014
[+] Possible to open signup form modal on #chimpy_popup_open element click
[+] Added option to hide interest groups until user starts filling in form
[+] Added option to display interest groups in a select field (dropdown)
[+] Implemented custom MailChimp API wrapper class
[-] Removed standard MailChimp API wrapper which caused conflicts with other plugins
[*] Fixed "Unknown modifier" warning displayed when validating URL condition
[*] Fixed bug which prevented interest groups from being sent to MailChimp
[*] Improved responsiveness on mobile devices 
[*] Fixed several CSS styling issues

Version 2.0.2, February 08 2014
[+] Added an option to redirect users to a specific URL after successful signup
[*] JS/CSS file version numbers now automatically follow plugin version number
[*] Fixed a warning regarding a missing function parameter

Version 2.0.1, February 06 2014
[*] Fixed a bug that prevented field masking when form is inserted via shortcode
[*] Fixed issues with content locking functionality
[*] Javascript bug fixes in admin page
[*] Fixed birthday field handling

Version 2.0, January 31 2014
[+] Option to display signup form in a popup
[+] Implemented "subscribe to unlock" functionality
[+] Subscription checkboxes can be added to standard WordPress forms
[+] Implemented WordPress user synchronization functionality
[+] Possible to add custom messages above and below form
[+] Option to allow users to select interest groups
[+] Added option to display "you are already subscribed" message
[+] Support for most of custom MailChimp field types (date, phone number etc)
[+] Displays which fields are set to be required in MailChimp
[+] Imports select and radio button field values
[+] Possible to select and display icon next to each text field
[+] Possible to add multiple forms on the same page
[+] Possible to limit which forms are allowed on most of the display methods
[+] Possible to select inversed  conditions
[+] Possible to target front page only
[+] Added checks for feeds, excerpts etc.
[+] Added more clearer messages to indicate problems connecting to MailChimp
[+] Added CSS and JS filed versions for seamless upgrades
[-] Removed some JS libraries in favor of standard jquery-ui modules
[*] Improved feature that displays signup form below post content
[*] Changed the way forms are disabled
[*] Improved plugin load time
[*] Form styling improvements
[*] Admin UI improvements
[*] Other minor bug fixes

Version 1.0, December 01 2013
[+] Initial release

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