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I thought this could be of interest for iPhone folks. I use an iPhone as my main phone and I’m somewhat frustrated that I can’t install paid Apps via the iOS gear app. That’s why I started tinkering around a bit and found a “cumbersome” way around the limitation. Here’s what I did:

  • Reset your watch so that you can pair it again
    Pair it with your android device, install all the apps you need from Samsung
    Go to the Galaxy App Store and download the paid apps you want
    Reset your watch again
    Pair your watch with the iOS Gear app
    Go to the iOS Galaxy App Store in your Gear App
    Go to “My Applications” or however it’s called in english
    Re-Download your purchased apps

Although the process is cumbersome and needs to be repeated once you need an additional paid app it is a solution if you desperately need a particular paid app until Samsung can provide something user friendlier.

It definitely works for watch faces and standalone apps.