Note: Some icons battle with the brand new wordpress four.2 imojis

ToggleIt means that you can open and shut any ingredient in your website with insertable and customizable Icons.

Insert Icons that toggle any ingredient/s on the web page.

Fully Customizable Entypo Icons – Over 230 Icons – Set coloration and measurement, open and shut Icons.

Set animation speeds for open and shut animations.

Example of code:

<div class=”toggle-it” data-target=”#branding” data-color=”rgb(209, 53, 114)” data-shut-color=”rgb(115, 25, 67)” data-size=”55px” data-shut-speed=”2000” data-open-speed=”2000” data-state=”shut” />

(toggles a div with the “branding” ID, coloration/shut-color is about, measurement of icon is 55px, shut and open velocity is 2 seconds, state is about to close on load.)


  • Add Button/Icon with class of “toggle-it” – Add a DIV with the category of “toggle-it”
  • data-icon – data-icon=”????” – Open Icon image
  • data-shut-icon – data-shut-icon=”????” – Shut Icon Symbol
  • data-color – data-color=”rgb(209, 53, 114)” – Open Icon Color
  • data-shut-color – data-shut-color=”rgb(115, 25, 67)” – Shut Icon Color
  • data-open-speed – data-open-speed=”2000” – Speed of goal opening animation in milliseconds
  • data-shut-speed – data-shut-speed=”1000” – Speed of goal shutting animation in milliseconds
  • data-size – data-size=”50px” – Can be “px”, ”%”, “em”
  • data-target – data-target=”#div-one” – For ID add # previous to ID identify and for sophistication use . prior to call. Example: data-target=”#div-one” or data-target=”.div-one”
  • data-state – data-state=”shut” – Hides the goal ingredient on web page load.

More Code Examples:

<div class=”toggle-it” data-target=”#div1” data-color=”#ffffff” data-shut-color=”#111111” data-size=”25px” data-shut-speed=”1000” data-open-speed=”500” data-shut-icon=”?” data-icon=”?” />

<div class=”toggle-it” data-target=”.a-div-with-class” data-color=”rgb(209, 53, 114)” data-shut-color=”rgb(115, 25, 67)” data-size=”65px” data-shut-speed=”2000” data-open-speed=”2000” data-state=”shut” />

See Video of Toggle-It in Action Here –

See Code Being Added To A Page Here –